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what is murrow?

murrow is a penguinpuffin.

where do murrows come from?

nobody knows. maybe they hatch from eggs in the sand. another theory is that they originate from the wallis and futuna islands.

how many murrows are there?

the total number of live murrows today is unknown, but only a handful have been seen in public. murrows are by any measure an endangered species.

how come there are blue murrows as well as purple murrows? are the blue ones female?

no, all murrows are male. the difference in colouring probably reflects the parting of two groups of murrows in prehistoric times, possibly caused by an ice age. the two groups developed along slightly different genetic lines, reflected in their different colouring.

if all murrows are male, how do they reproduce?

by immaculate conception.

i thought you said they were male?

yes. no more questions.