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a pair of murrows drive coast-to-coast in the US with G-Mo


divers discover a shoal of blue murrows in the carribean, honduras


Murrow calls his captor's bluff, revealing nothing of his Hollywood plans


A blue Murrow at the Stardust hotel in Las Vegas



A blue Murrow makes Mardi Gras friends in New Orleans



Murrow perches on the shoulders of Ezra Cornell in Ithaca, NY



An alien abductee Murrow falls back to earth at the Grand Canyon



A blue murrow visits cardboard Norm in Boston











A blue murrow at Macchu Picchu (Cuzco) in the north of Perú
with Rayitas (Rai) ... sent by Daphne


two blue murrows kissing in front of bryce canyon in Utah


uk - europe - africa - americas - asia - people - misc