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A Chinese Murrow slips unnoticed into Mongolia in search of love and fame



From a Murrow in Hong Kong: "Ah Hi, here are me with two of my wifeys. 
They like with the Murrow love" (translation).



a murrow in batemans bay, australia, is spotted with angel wings!



In Mongolio, the Murrows are less than half the size of the 
common Eurasian Murrow, averaging only 1 - 1.5 inches in height. 
To fend off predators they therefore developed an extremely hard 
outer 'shell' - so hard, in fact, tradionally use them as sword sharpeners (see picture). 
This has led, ironically, to their virtual extinction (from David Attenborough).



From Prof. Yaffle at the Royal Institute of Natural History: 
"Murrows have been around for many millions of years. 
They may well have been a spongy snack for the larger dinosaurs" 
(see reconstruction, above).



Murrow, john downer and Chinese president Hu Jintao at the Chinese seaside resort of Beideihe



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