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A Murrow in Red Square, Moskow, does a little dance outside Lenin's tomb



From Staša Tome in Slovenia: 
"Normally I like snakes, but one day I saw these two Murri [Murrows - ed] 
shifting strangely along a railing in the coastal town on Piran
They appeared to be
holding flippers. 
Thank you for this site it has allowed me finding more about these intriguing beasts."



Two Murrows celebrate the New Year with friends in Barcelona



This little Murrow was captured on film going for an afternoon prowl in the Swiss alps.



Murrow with friends in Toulouse, France



Murrows dating back to 67,000 BC have been found petrified in 
the trunks of Cretaceous Period Oaks, this one in front of the 
white church, Helsinki (from Prof. Mole, University of Central Morroco)



A young Murrow in Italy casts a suspicious look around the colosseum



This Little Murrow went to Stockholm, SWEDEN



The haunting silhouette of a melancholy Murrow as he 
contemplates plummeting to his doom in the Vatican City



A Murrow in Greece averts his eyes from the glistening sunboobies




 Prof. Dr. Ernst Johann Frischfeldt (University of Uttoxeter) writes: "In the collections of the Louvre museum, Paris, is to be found this remarkable fossil of a prehistoric giant murrow, which magnificent creatures were believed to co-exist peacefully with the later dinosaurs by hiding in caves and scaring off predators through noisy reproductive behaviour. The facial features can just be distinguished, but have been subtly enhanced using state-of-the-art computer-aided design technology to show the giant murrow's probable reaction to a passing American tourist."






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